A few info about us

My name is Alexandr Martaus and I am the operator of this website. I've been interested in astronomy since I was ten years old and at fourteen I added fossil collecting, from which it was just a small step to mineral collecting. With friends I visited many mineralogical sites in the former Czechoslovakia and since 1993, trips to Slovakia became trips abroad. 

In 2003, I finished my studies in deposit geology at the Faculty of Science of Charles University in Prague and continued my doctoral studies at the University of Chemical Technology, also in Prague. As I was not a chemist, I was offered to take care of the mineralogical collections within the school. This included a small display of meteorites, which I had not encountered in the past.

After graduating and moving to my hometown Ostrava, I started selling meteorites first through the auction server Aukro and later I started an online shop at www.e-meteority.cz. In the course of time I got acquainted with some foreign meteorite dealers and started to visit foreign mineralogical exchanges. The offer gradually expanded and during the first half of 2023 I decided to change not only the solution provider for the eshop itself, but also the name and logo. And the result is ivesmir.cz with the subtitle Your Space Gallery.

It includes a blog, where I will try to regularly publish interesting articles about meteorites, their classification, history and news. I am a member of The Meteoritical Society.

We strive to offer meteorites and tektites affordable from locations around the world, jewelry and tools that you may find useful when collecting meteorites. I believe that everyone will find something here, whether it is a meteorite directly from the menu or an interesting article.

I will be glad for any comment, reminder, request, what to add or suggestion for improvement.

Alexandr Martaus
shop owner