NWA 11753 - Eucrite polymict - NW Africa - Description language - German

Meteorite with the designation NWA 11753 was found in 2017 in Morocco, the found piece had a mass of 159 g. Structurally it is a HED achondrite (polymictic eucrite).

Fine-grained polymict breccia consisting of mm-sized basalt clasts (subophitic and granulitic textures) and mineral fragments set in a fine-grained clastic matrix made of related debris. Breccia-in breccia textures occur. Most pyroxenes exhibit augite exsolution lamellae. Fragments of diogenitic low-Ca pyroxene are admixed (<10 vol%). Accessories are silica polymorph, ilmenite, chromite, troilite, and Cr-Al-spinel.