NWA 13258 - Carbonaceous chondrite CV3 - Description language - German

Carbonaceous chondrite NWA 13258 was purchased by Juan Aviles Poblador in Morocco in 2019 and was later classified as carbonaceous chondrite CV3 (CV3-Ox). It was a few stones with a dark brown crust after melting on the surface. Petrographically, the meteorite contains abundant chondrules (1 mm diam., up to 4 mm), CAI (2 mm diam., up to 4 mm), and isolated mineral fragments embedded in a fine-grained opaque matrix. Accessory phases include magnetite (some containing Cr), sodalite and pentlandite. Geochemistry - Olivine (Fa19.1±22.5, range Fa1.3-75.7, n=37), low-Ca pyroxene (Fs1.8±0.7Wo2.4±1.5, range Fs0.7-3.1Wo0.8-4.5, n=20). The strong Mg-Fe zonation in chondral olivine (most chondral olivines are Mg-rich), the absence of FeNi metal, and the presence of magnetite, pentlandite, some isolated fayalite and sodalite grains throughout the matrix indicate an oxidized subgroup.