NWA 14740 - C3-ung carbonaceous chondrite - NW Africa - Description language - French

Meteorite NWA 14740 was purchased in Morocco in 2021 with a mass of 421 g.

Relatively small, well-formed chondrules (apparent diameter 310±280 µm, N = 26) accompanied by zoned mineral grains, AOA and rare very small, amoeboid, very fine grained CAI are set in a black ultra fine-grained matrix (~60 vol.%). Accessory phases detected by electron microprobe analysis include troilite, pentlandite, kamacite (as inclusions in chondrule olivine only) and calcite. No phyllosilicates were detected by powder X-ray diffraction analysis.

Structurally, the meteorite is classified as a C3-ung carbonaceous chondrite, with possible pairing with meteorites NWA 14139 and NWA 14179.