NWA 5488 - Lodranite - NW Africa

The 110 g meteorite NWA 5488 was found in 2008 in NW Africa and is paired with meteorites NWA 4478 and NWa 4933.

Lodranites are primitive achondrites belonging to the acapulcoite-lodranite group. 

Acapulcoites, named after the 1913 Acapulco fall in Acapulco, Mexico, and lodranites, named after the 1868 Lodran fall in Pakistan, are closely related equigranular meteorites; acapulcoites are finer-grained than lodranites and contain rare relict chondrules, with intermediate meteorites between the two types (e.g., EET 84302, GRA 95209). The mineral composition is similar to, but different from, ordinary chondrites. The compositions are subchondritic, with lodranites showing a higher degree of fractionation.