NWA 8336 - Eucrite monomict - NW Africa - Description language - German

The meteorite with the designation NWA 8336 was purchased in February 2014 in Morocco, the found piece had a mass of 2.13 kg. Structurally it is a HED achondrite (monomict eucrite).

Coarse-grained breccia consisting of gabbroic eucrite clasts and subrounded melt-rock clasts, embedded in a fine-grained clastic matrix of mainly pyroxene and plagioclase fragments. Pyroxene in eucrite clasts and clastic matrix with strong recrystallization textures and relict augite exsolution lamellae. Plagioclase shows strong undulatory extinction. Localized melt pockets with vesicles and fluidal texture of plagioclase grains. Accessory minerals are a silica polymorph, chromite, ilmenite, and very minor metallic iron.