NWA 869 - Chondrite L3-6 - NW Africa - slices - Description language - German

It is quite evident that meteorite collectors in northwest Africa have discovered a large field of chondrites L. Under the name NWA 869, at least 2 tons of material consisting of thousands of specimens have been sold in markets in Morocco and around the world. Individual weights are known to range from <1 g to >20 kg. It is certain that NWA 869 is paired with other NWA meteorites, although no systematic survey has been conducted. It is also possible that some of the stones sold as NWA 869 are not part of the same fall, although dealers believe that most known masses are sufficiently different from other NWA meteorites in surface and internal appearance that the error rate should be relatively low.

NWA 869 meteorites are classified as L3-6 chondrites.