Carbonaceous Chondrite - NWA 13258 - 0.031 grams

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Carbon chondrite NWA 13258 weighing 0.031 grams More

Structural classification of the meteorite: CV3 carbonaceous chondrite

Impact location: Morocco, Africa

Date of fall: unknown

Date of discovery: 2019

The meteorite weighs 0.031 grams.

The meteorite is contained in a plastic box with a white backing and a description.

!!! You are buying exactly the piece that is shown in the photo !!!

Carbonaceous chondrite NWA 13258 was purchased by Juan Aviles Poblador in Morocco in 2019 and was later classified as carbonaceous chondrite CV3 (CV3-Ox). It was a few stones with a dark brown crust after melting on the surface. Petrographically, the meteorite contains abundant chondrules (1 mm diam., up to 4 mm), CAI (2 mm diam., up to 4 mm), and isolated mineral fragments embedded in a fine-grained opaque matrix. Accessory phases include magnetite (some containing Cr), sodalite and pentlandite. Geochemistry - Olivine (Fa19.1±22.5, range Fa1.3-75.7, n=37), low-Ca pyroxene (Fs1.8±0.7Wo2.4±1.5, range Fs0.7-3.1Wo0.8-4.5, n=20). The strong Mg-Fe zonation in chondral olivine (most chondral olivine is Mg-rich), the absence of FeNi metal, and the presence of magnetite, pentlandite, some isolated fayalite and sodalite grains throughout the matrix indicate an oxidized subgroup.