Indochinite - Vietnam - 11.87 grams

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The dimensions of the tektite are 39x18x18 mm and the weight is 11.87 grams.

The Vietnamese tektites from the Sông Hinh area in Phú Yen Province are part of an impact field of indocinites. These tektites are among the rarer indochinites from mainland Southeast Asia. They are similar to specimens from other areas, but have differences in structure as they may have some channels and grooves that are not seen as much in other countries from neighbouring countries.The numbers of specimens found from Vietnam have never been as large as those from other regions, making them very attractive to collectors looking for specimens from as many places as possible.

The indochinite is accompanied by information on the origin of the tektite.

!!! You are buying the exact stone that is shown in the photo !!!