Stone meteorites

Rock meteorite, any meteorite consisting mainly of rock-forming (silicate) minerals. Rock meteorites, which are the most abundant type of meteorite, are divided into two groups: chondrites and achondrites. Chondrites are the most physically and chemically primitive meteorites in the solar system. They appear to be primarily aggregates of material that formed in the solar nebula before or during planet formation. They also contain some material that predates the formation of the solar system. Most chondrites were either thermally or significantly altered when they were part of their parent asteroids, but none have experienced significant melting. On the other hand, achondrites were formed by the melting of their parent bodies... Although most achondrites are fragments of asteroids, some may come from the Moon or Mars.

Stone meteorites of various types from worldwide localities, in natural or modified form as slices, can be found in this category.